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About Us

LeFlexo Industrial Co., Ltd is the pioneer in flexible metal tubes and conduits field in China since 1996. As a well-known manufacturer of flexible metal tubes and Conduits, our company is entitled hi-tech enterprise by the government and was accredited ISO9001:2000 quality management system by SGS Company.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and distributing various sizes and kinds of Flexible Metal Tubes(Stand Tubes, Gooseneck Tubes and Booms) and Flexible Metal Conduits (Optical Fiber and Electrical Wires Protective Tubes, Interlocked and Squarelocked Tubes and Corrugated Metal Hose). Contributing to provide the whole solutions from Headset Microphone Holders, Radio and Antenna Supports, Microphones, LED Light and Lamp Guides, Gooseneck Car Holders, USB Connectors, Webcam Holders and Products Display Brackets using Stands Tubes, while the Flexible Metal Conduits are widely applied in Optical Fiber and Electrical Wires Protections for Telecommunicating system, Power Control system, Control system of Intelligent Building and Construction Decoration, Shower Hose, Traffic Communication system, Railways, Chemical, Power plant and Sensing Equipments, etc. We've been serving industries in manufacturing Electronic Products, Lights, Audio Products, Optical, Illumination, Toys, Machinery, Hand Tools, Military, Cars, Aviation, Electrical and Medical Equipment with our state-of-the-art techniques and sophisticated facilities

With the exponential development of our company and the diversification of the business lines, we establish our trading departments and are now entering into the Electronics and Lights market. We are available for providing a wide variety of Gooseneck-Based Lamps and Electronic products, as well as dedicating to providing the most valuable OEM Services.

Endowed with strong technical researching power and renovating consciousness, we owned a strong R & D team which is capable of creating Every Single Electronic Product for your business, it’s no exaggerations to say that we got power and capabilities to produce everything once we got ideas, supports as well as markets.

LeFlexo relies on science and technology, bases on human being, adopts scientific management system, ceaselessly enriches its product structure, insists on business concept of "Leading the Flexible Solutions to your Business" in the pursuit of mutual benefits. We sincerely welcome you to contact us for a unique program and scheme to enrich and brighten your business.

Our Team: The founders of LeFlexo Industrial Co.,Ltd, began with a group of engineers, who worked for 8 years in Dongguan Fujikon International Ltd. The techniques of making the smallest Gooseneck at OD 2.0mm invended by our team had won the Best Innovation Award issued by Hong Kong Association of Creative Technology.We combine with technology, production, sales and management, and also spend lots of time, energy, fund on studying and researching. We have successfully build up LeFlexo to be the best brand in Flexible Metal Tubes world.