Webcam Gooseneck

Black Webcam Gooseneck


Black Webcam Gooseneck:

1: Outer Diameter:

Gooseneck: 9.0 mm (0.354 in), Length: 200mm (7.874 in)

2: Connector:

One end: M6 Male Thread, 10 mm (0.394 in) Long

The other: M10 Female Thread, 15mm (0.591 in) Long

3: Finished: Black Finished

Black Webcam Gooseneck:

The Best holds and arms for Webcam and other kinds of objects in light weight, which allows users to bend and hold it into any positions.

Flexible gooseneck tubing is the only product in the world that can do all these things:

Support - an object

Hold - in position

Adjustable - by being re-positioned

Connect - two objects

Conduit - for electrical wire, etc

Protect - as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits

Rigidity (Stiffness) - Ability to hold weight

Obedience (Stay-Put) - Ability to maintain a bending diameter

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